Savory Oatmeal

Savory Oatmeal Who needs sweet oatmeal? Savory oats make a perfect breakfast, lunch, or dinner. To your bowl of cooked steel cut or rolled oats stir in mix-ins then top with toppings. Choose from the ideas below or use your imagination!

MIX-INS                                                                  TOPPINGS

extra virgin olive oil                                             nuts & seeds  

sesame oil                                                                chopped scallions

butter                                                                       sautéed greens

nutritional yeast                                                    sautéed mushrooms

grated parmesan cheese                                      peas/snow peas

pesto                                                                         sun dried tomatoes

low sodium tamari                                                poached egg

hot sauce                                                                  chick peas/lentils/black beans

marinara sauce                                                       avocado

natural peanut butter                                           kimchi/sauerkraut

chia jam                                                                   cacao nibs

herbs & spices                                                        tahini

kelp seasoning                                                       caramelized onions & garlic

miso                                                                         chopped tomatoes

   lemon/lime juice                                                                      olives


Wednesday, January 15, 2020

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